Handcrafted Log Homes in New South Wales

From the seaboard and coastal lowlands and inlets to the great diving range and western plains, we can build a stunning log home that will compliment the geographical lands of New South Wales.

Our log homes or log cabin kits are built from two different timbers – Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir. Western Red Cedar is a highly revered, durable wood and is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. Almost anything you build with it, will last longer and require less maintenance.

When a homeowner chooses Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir over pre-fabricated products, they are building a home that is going to last centuries, as wood outperforms steel, concrete and composites. With these benefits, it’s easy to understand why these fabulous timbers are so popular for building log homes, log cabins or chalets in New South Wales.

Douglas Fir is a fast growing, abundant North American species which makes it readily available for building beautiful log homes. The wood’s properties are heavy, strong, fine grained and dry quickly. Douglas Fir is complimented with an aromatic, clean, fresh scent that keeps your home smelling delightful.

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes are aesthetically unique and beautiful and capable of withstanding all of the different climates in New South Wales. To discuss building a unique log home in New South Wales contact us today for your FREE QUOTE.

Cascade Log Homes Floor Plans

Floor Plans

We can supply a multitude of floor plans for your dream log home, whether you are looking for a cozy cabin in the woods or a majestic 465m² plus square foot palace, talk to us today.

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Cascade Log Homes

Log Homes

We’ll deal with you directly to discuss all aspects of your log home, from the initial plans, the choice of wood and its benefits, to the construction through to the actual installation on site.

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Cascade Log Cabins

Log Cabins

We are builders first, salesmen last and we’d love to show you what we can do. You are most welcome to drop in anytime at our yard in Mount Barker to discuss your dream log home project in person.

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Building Log Homes Throughout Australia